28/11/2029 our ARF Founder pledged to donate one set of computer and a printer to Kiluvya Primary School following after a speech that was read by the school Head Master. Today, 5/12/2019, our Founder fulfilled her pledge by handing over the computer and printer to the Headmaster in the presence of Hon. Jokate Mwegelo DC KISARAWE at the DC Office.

Kiluvya B primary school teachers staff were more than thankful to receive this set of computer which they believe it will make it easier for them to type and print their office documents and examinations on their own without getting to go out of the school compound where they charge money and sometimes the works are not done efficiently.

Since our founder has become the Guardian of Kiluvya B primary school, the ARF team is obliged to make the best of it in making sure the children despite their disabilities and impairments, they should be able to learn and become useful labor resources in the near future.

We would like to express our sincere appreciation to the teachers of Kiluvya B primary school, a learning center for special children with physical and mental impairment, for their efforts in helping these children to learn and to make them feel normal just as all other children in the school.

As the ARF team, it is more than pleasure to get to spend some time with the wonderful kids at Kiluvya B primary school.