ARF founder (left) in talks with DC of Kisarawe, Hon. Jokate Mwegelo (on the right) on a surprise visit to our offices at Oysterbay, Dar es Salaam.

Jokate Mwegelo has always been super supportive when it comes to volunteering in promoting different development activities in the communities.

Mh. Jokate has sponsored educational books, exercise books and a blackboard to students in a Special Disabled Unit – Kiluvya B Primary school, a school that is also sponsored by the ARF.

Maryvonne Pool, our Founder, has warmly thanked the District Commissioner and acknowledged her contribution on her foundation.

Mh. Jokate Mwegelo has invited Maryvonne as a special guest at the Mama Lishe Festival event that will be held in Kisarawe on Friday.