African Reflections Foundation is a non-profit organization 501 (c)(3) that strives to provide clean and sustainable water systems to people in Tanzania


How much water would you say you use on a daily basis? If you are like most people living in the western world, I would guess a lot. Let’s take it a step further and think how much water do you waste every day? Do you ever leave the faucet on while brushing your teeth? That is 4 gallons of water wasted. From time to time do you wash partial loads of laundry in the washing machine instead of waiting for a full load before doing laundry? Each load requires 35-50 gallons of water whether full of clothes or a quarter full. Perhaps you haven’t had time to get around to repairing that leaky faucet under the sink. 140 gallons a week wasted.

Many people in the world do not think twice about water conservation and even those who are conscious of the water crisis still manage to waste quite a lot of water. Some of us have never experienced not having access to clean drinking water, no matter what our financial situation.

Now let’s stretch our imaginations a bit more. Let’s envision ourselves in Tanzania, East Africa’s largest country. Picture yourself walking for hours after not having water for days under the bright African sun only to arrive at a contaminated water-source, or worse, a dried water-source. Picture giving birth in an unsanitary clinic with no electricity or clean water.

As difficult as it is to believe, this is the reality for millions of people in Tanzania, over 23 million people to be exact. Deaths related to water-borne diseases are the leading cause of death in the world. In the 21st century, it is unacceptable to have more than half a billion people living without access to clean water.

We have made it our duty to provide water to the millions of people in Tanzania living without access to clean water and to eliminate the cycle of poverty associated with the lack of clean water.

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