Our resident organic agricultural expert, Dr. Makun’guto has been spending time at both Kisele and Mitaranda farms, as part of our new strategic approach for rural development under ARF.

Dr. Makunguto, who is a former councilman of Ifakara ward, Morogoro, provided further training to our farmers groups which included demonstration on how to prepare plots on the farm.

When speaking to our media team, Dr. (Hon.) Makun’guto said that organic farming methods are being improved everyday, from numerous active researchers (agricultural experts) worldwide and its very important to keep up to date with the current farming methods and techniques for the better results.

“we have prepared a new work plan by dividing the farm land into blocks, plots and subplots and later – we have divided the subplots into beds which can be used for preparations of nurseries and transplanting” added Dr. Makunguto.

The farming groups of Kisele and Mitaranda have also been getting trainings and knowledge on measurements of beds, tilling, manure application and watering.