The CEO of ARF, Hon. Mrs. Mercy Silla – former District Commissioner of Mkuranga – and ARF Founder, Hon. Maryvonne Pool paid an unexpected visit to Mwongozo Primary School at Mwongozo village in Mkuranga where they enjoyed a very warm welcome from the young students of the school.

Mama Mercy exclaimed that she did not expect such a joyful and ecstatic 
reception from the students who surrounded Hon. Pool with excitement.

“It gives us pleasure to see these kids looking happy and not having to  worry about access to such a basic necessity as clean water” said Hon  Mercy,

When speaking to the media team, ARF Founder, Hon. Maryvonne Pool added that the responsibility of developing the rural education is ours as a 
community. “we are very glad that ARF has made a significant difference in their lives”, added Hon Ms. Pool.

Hon. Pool is no stranger to the young students of Mwongozo School as she 
has become the school’s matron following ARF’s past donations including a deep solar water well and building of classroom units