During her current visit to Davos at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland, our Founder (Hon.) Maryvonne Pool has learned that one of the emerging top focus is to provide healthy food and to create  sustainable income to rural communities in the third world countries.

Hon. Maryvonne Pool has decided to focus and work very closely with Tanzania Organic Agriculture Movement – TOAM, the only organic agriculture movement to create more rural groups of farmers.
ARF has planned to support training for the groups into organic farming and assure the farmers to market their products. Farmers leaders will be given smart phones to interact with each other via Whatsapp groups, so that they can be helped with their challenges. ARF will launch a theme for this purpose in the near future.

Organic Certification is a high cost which is a set back for any rural farmer, hence with other partners, ARF intends to work very hard to help groups to be certified, so that their products can be introduced into the international market.

Our ARF CEO will work very closely with her TEAM to apply the Founders action plan.

For the purpose of marketing the groups’ products, Tanzpro Greens Limited was created to buy products from the farmers groups at a reasonable price, hence cutting away the middle men, who most of the time are the ones who benefit by giving the farmers less cash for their produce. For that matter Tanzpro Greens Limited has made available a 5 Ton truck which will go around the farming areas to help the groups with direct transportation to the main city of Dar es Salaam.