African Reflections Foundation (ARF) Community Development Officer, Emmanuel Gama, held a one week non-stop meeting with 13 farmer group leaders and ward development officers to partner group of farmers in Mkuranga district,

The meetings that was held at different places in the district featured13 group leaders who attained a training on how to transform from conventional farming into Organic farming

After one week in the field, Mr. Gama completed phase 1 of the exercise and we are very delighted to have 13 new farming groups which have over 130 farmers.

Mr. Gamma instructed how Organic farmer is benefited from sustainable farming and plenty of economical benefits including direct sale of their produce to Tanzpro Greens Ltd.

According to Mr. Gama, Farming groups learned many important ways that organic farming and poverty reduction go hand in hand. “In the long term, organic farmers are likely to earn higher incomes than conventional farmers due to lower costs of crop production and maintenance and the ability to charge higher premiums. This is important for the farming Groups to know.” Added Mr. Emmanuel Gama.

In addition, Mr gama added that their incorporated with ARF will open up a room for Organic trainings and special classes on new or updating farming methods regarding on what they really produce.

Pwani region, depends on agriculture as the main part of their economic activity, with more than 44 million hectares of arable land with only 33 percent of this amount in cultivation.