On the 28/11/2019, the African Reflections Foundation with its founder Maryvonne Pool together with Hon. Jokate Mwegelo DC Kisarawe had a privilege to visit and talk to the teachers and students of Kiluvya B Primary School in Kisarawe district. Kiluvya B Primary School has a total number of 500 students of which 24 of them have different forms of physical and mental impairment.

Upon seeing the real situation of the school environment and the studying condition of the children the African Reflections Foundation had promised to help the school with essential tools for teaching students with different impairments.

The Head Master had given a speech on the challenges they face as teachers and as an institution one of them is the need for a computer and a printer, classroom renovation and building of a “special class”. Maryvonne had agreed to take their challenges into her hands and even volunteered to be their School Guardian.

The teachers from Kiluvya B Primary School gave Maria Pool a present as an appreciation for what she has been doing to help the school and for what she is going to do for Kiluvya B primary school. A way of saying, Thank You, Maria.

ARF Founder accepting a centrice of appreciation from the Kiluvya teachers.