Pupils of Marui Mipera Primary School and Villagers of Marui Mipera are celebrating the opening of deep solar water well that deepens to 220m from the surface

Today, 18/11/2019, Kisarawe District Commissioner, Hon. Jokate Mwegelo together with our founder, Maryvonne Pool and the Gullamhussein Electra Charitable Trust founder Ms. Nafeesa Mohamed have laid the cornerstone to launch a deep solar well, 220m deep for the purpose of catering clean and safe water to the people of Kisarawe.

The water project followed after we promised to build a water well in Marui Mipera early this year. Marui Mipera, has been facing clean water challenge since the Tanzanian independence era, 1960s.

In correspondence to a water well project, two newly built classrooms and the renovation of the whole school has been done by African Reflections Foundation under Maryvonne Pool in partnership with the Gulamhussein Electra Charitable Trust under Nafeesa Mohamed.

Water + Education = Empowerment!!!