African Reflections Foundation believes the key to successful water sources is sustainability. In the past, we built hand-dug shallow wells but realized they were inefficient. Due to climate change, the shallow wells were drying quickly. After a few years of building hand-dug wells, we decided to turn to deep wells as a better solution. We believe it is very important to work with the local communities with building new wells.


We first meet with the District Commissioner to determine which villages need wells. We then have the District water engineer and the topological department surveys the land to decide where the well can be installed and the depth to drill.


The drilling process then begins. We drill around 100-120 meters down and install the pipes into the ground. We then flush the well until the water is completely clean. Next, we build a slab over the area to prevent water from entering back into the hole to ensure purification. Once this is done, we can then build the 2.5-meter tank made of hard steel and concrete. We then install the 5,000-liter tank and connect the plumbing.


Finally and most importantly, we install the solar panels. The solar panels have a minimum of 550 watts to maintain the pump for the water wells. Solar powered wells are low maintenance, cost effective, good for the environment, and long lasting.