The great aim of education is not knowledge, but action- Herbert Spencer


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With our wells being built next to schools, improving the education system is one of our top priorities. The Village Heart believes education is the most important key to progression. When you educate a community, you are creating change agents. Tanzania has a free education system so tuition is free however parents or guardians are responsible for paying for learning materials, uniforms, and other various fees. In most rural villages, families live on less than $2 a day thus making it difficult for children to be properly clothed, fed, and prepared for school. Children in rural communities have a strong desire to learn and walk miles to school, sometimes barefoot in tattered clothes. Once they arrive to school, they sit 5-6 children to each desk, and because the schools try to fit as many desks into the classroom as possible, children must walk across desks because there is no walking space. There are between 100-200 children to each classroom per one teacher.

There is no electricity in the classrooms and the building structures are shabby, made with whatever materials could be found. In cases of extreme overcrowding, teachers must conduct lessons outside, under the trees. It is Africa, and hot. There is also a long rain season. Children are unable to concentrate when they are forced to learn outside in extreme weather. There is a lack of chairs, tables, desks, writing instruments, books, chalk boards, and every other learning material a school must be equipped with. Many of the teachers do not speak English and only have a high school level education. The teachers are unable to effectively educate because they lack teaching skills and materials. 

Many girls do not attend school because of the lack of sanitation at schools during menstruation or because they are responsible for providing for their families, even at a young age. Many school children come to school without eating before school, do not have a meal at school, and may only eat once when they go home. No child can concentrate effectively when they feel immense hunger always.

We want to help. Every child deserves an opportunity to receive quality education and hope for a better future. We have taken on various projects such as classroom renovations, building new classrooms, providing school supplies, making sure each child has one meal at school, and creating extra-curricular activities for children as healthy outlets.

As much as we want to provide for the children in Tanzania, we cannot do it alone. We need your help and support to increase our efforts and reach as many children as possible. Many of the children have dreams to be doctors, teachers, athletes, and contributing members of society. Help us make their dreams come true.

One of our most impactful projects has been our water cans

In Tanzania, many people collect water in whatever containers they find, many which are contaminated and have fungus growing on the inside. Putting clean water into a dirty can is ineffectual which led us to create our water can initiative. We provide 3.5-liter water cans to each school child. At the end of the day, every child is charged with filling their water can and taking the water home to their families to use for the evening. This gives children a sense of responsiblity of helping provide for their families and eases tension off their mothers who would otherwise be responsible for collecting water.