Growing up in Seychelles I have always had a dream to help others. I am grateful for my comfortable childhood however I was taught at a young age to cook on firewood, fetch water from rivers, and other basic life necessities. My father was a big philathropist and made sure we understood that respect and service were more important than any monetary gains. He instilled in us the importance of always giving to others at every opportunity we were able to do so.

After many years of living a privileged life at my University in Switzerland I decided to work in Italy. I had an amazing experience however I felt I was called to do something bigger. In 1985, I decided to move back to Africa to start a business with the intention of helping others. Though I am not from Tanzania, I believe destiny landed me in this beautiful country. As soon as I arrived to Tanzania, I was greeted by love and support and I immediately felt a sense of belonging. Despite how wonderful the people in Tanzania were, I was astonished to see the level of poverty within the country. Living amongst the villagers, I tried to put myself in the shoes of the millions of people living below poverty level. In the past 27 years, I have seen the worst conditions that anyone could possibly live in. These people had such big hearts and were willing to help anyone they could, despite having limited resources. I began to think of ways in which I could help alleviate their hardships because I could not sit idle and watch millions of people suffer any longer. This desire for change led to the inception of African Reflections Foundation.