Here at Village Heart with education being our main focus, we see the importance of children having a well-rounded school experience. We are continuously raising awareness of the disparities in which children in underdeveloped countries are faced with.

Despite their hardships, the children in Mkuranga District share a major common interest with the rest of the world, their love for sports. Through funds raised by Drilling for Hope, The Village Heart was able to accompany Karen Flewelling to deliver soccer uniforms and balls to the teams from Tumahini Primary School, Kitomondo Primary School, and Magoza Primary School.

The students were very delighted as they were presented with their new uniforms in front of all of their peers. Sports are a healthy outlet for children to release the daily pressures they feel and also promotes the idea of teamwork and leadership. The boys promised us they would continue to train and improve their soccer skills. Later in the week we will be delivering soccer uniforms to more schools along with other items.

“Always make a total effort, even when the odds are against you”- Arnold Palmer