DC of Kisarawe, Hon. Ms. Jokate Mwegelo expressed her appreciation for 
the support of African Reflections Foundation at the Tokomeza Zero 
Kisarawe District Commissioner’s Charity Gala & Awards, held at Mlimani 
City Conference Centre, in Dar es Salaam on 30 March 2019.

The Charity Gala was organized to raise funds for the Tokomeza Zero 
campaign, an initiative of DC Jokate, aimed at providing better 
education standards in Kisarawe District.  Since her appointment as 
District Commissioner in August, 2018, Hon. Jokate has been very active 
in motivating the members of her constituency to work harder in key 
sectors such as education and economic activities.

ARF has recently completed coordinating the construction of classrooms 
at Marui Mipera Primary School, in Marui village, Kisarawe. The ARF team 
will continue to support DC Mwegelo’s efforts for advancing education in 
Kisarawe District.