District Commissioner of Kisarawe, Pwani, Hon. Ms. Jokate Mwegelo officiated the laying of the foundation stone for an ARF classrooms building project at Marui Mipera Primary school, Kisarawe.

As the event happened yesterday, Hon. Ms. Jokate addressed local villagers inspiring them to protect and honor what has been built for their next generation.

“we all have great challenges (in our country), and the government of the 5th regime has promised Tanzanians progress for the development of the nation, which some of them are here, in front of you, providing better education for its citizens” said Jokate.

Hon. Jokate Mwegelo added that this day has to be remembered respectfully for the betterment of our kids in tomorrow.

“we came here to set up a foundation stone for you to know that this project has been done by (ARF) and has to be remembered, and noted that today, 11th December 2018, villagers of Marui Mipera received a donor (Ms. Pool) to reconstruct the Marui Mipera Primary School” insisted (Hon.) Ms. Mwegelo

After the DC did the honors of addressing the villagers, the founder of ARF, Hon. Ms. Maryvonne Pool spoke to the local villagers with a promise to finish the classrooms buildings and renovate the whole school with other blocks, as well as the stone with the school’s name at the entrance.

(Hon.) Ms. Pool reiterated her promise to also build a water well at Marui Mipera Primary School, under the donation of Gullamhussein Electra Charitable Trust as soon as the reform of the primary school completes.

“we are hoping to finish the construction soon and renovate the whole school, especially for the other classes which are in desperate need of repair. Also we are keen to solve the problem of water in this area.” Added Hon. Ms. Pool.

In a show of respect and appreciation, the villagers of Marui presented a gift of a local chicken to the Honourable Jokate.

ARF’s work in Kisarawe is not only benefitting the residents of Marui Mipera Village but also Kurui village where it was pledged to construct water well at the primary school.