Mama Mbonde is the wife of the community leader of the Njiapanda (which means: climbing road). She was in charge of overseeing the women of the village, since her husband was the village leader.

She heard about the aid I had given to other communities and reached out to me because their village was in need of public sanitary toilets. What I admired about her was how she would always invite the women into her home and encouraged them to breed organic chickens to feed their families and sell for profit. She is a very smart business woman and wanted to make sure all the women were trained and had the knowledge to be able to provide for their families. Mama, as she is addressed, suits her perfectly, since she has adopted the role of being a mother to her community and the women within it.

She opened a common bank account for these women and with the money raised from the projects they took part in together, they were able to save money, and through that, support their families. Mama Mbonde tells me she prays for me every single day since I helped them achieve this goal, and I know that is true. She is very special to me and I hope for more women with her passion and drive in helping the rural communities of Tanzania.