When I drove to the Mwarusembe village in the Mkuranga District to see the conditions of the drought was when I first saw Maua.
She was taking water from a broken well and I wanted to know this woman’s story and what conditions were causing her to fetch her water from this terrible source.

She told me that she lived 2 km away from the broken well and that it was her only source of water. It was her responsibility to collect this water, not only herself but for her husband and four children as well. I later visited her modest home and saw the small-scale farming she did to provide an income for her family. This gave me the urge to want to help her in any way I could.

I asked her if she was prepared to begin a new journey, and help me lead a team of wome who also lived in conditions similar to hers, to grow crops and provide for themselves. She agreed with me with much enthusiasm! She is the inspiration behind African Reflections Foundation.

This is Maua in her little and her experience of her daily life.

She starts off her day by preparing a simple breakfast for her kids to go to School