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Stories and updates from our activities out and about across Mkuranga District, and the communities in which we work across Tanzania

Kizomla Primary School Well projects

Despite the rain delays, we arrived to the 2 school campuses, Kizomla Primary School and Kizapala Primary School where we would be opening the new solar wells the next day. We drew names to provide 20 students from each school to receive a chicken. The aim in giving...

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GO after you GOALS

Here at Village Heart with education being our main focus, we see the importance of children having a well-rounded school experience. We are continuously raising awareness of the disparities in which children in underdeveloped countries are faced with. Despite their...

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Day One: Mkuranga

My first full day in Tanzania was great. The team traveled an hour and a half from the center of Dar Es Salaam to Mkamba Kizapara School in Mkuranga District. As stated in a previous post, the flushing of the well was completed a few days ago. Although it was a...

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Visiting Tanzania

Follow Me Hi guys! I am excited to share that I am just a few hours from leaving to Dar Es Salam from Dubai. It has been almost 2 years since my last time in Tanzania so needless to say I am quite excited. My plan is to land, rest a bit then hit the ground running...

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Out with the old, In with the new

  The Village Heart is proud to announce that we have just completed the 2nd phase of a well instillation for the Mkamba Kizapara Primary School. The second phase, also known as the flushing stage occurs after drilling. In order to provide a clean water source it is...

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Left Behind: The Children

Tanzania is the largest country in East Africa with a total population of over 52 million people. Out of that 52 million, more than 23 million (44.2%) of people do not have access to clean drinking water. Over 44% of Tanzania’s population are youth, under the age of...

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