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The Village Heart, a project under African Reflections Foundation aims to guide women and children in rural Tanzanian communities to create sustainable and enriching life’s. We have identified inadequate education and the lack of food and water as the leading concerns in under-priveleged areas and have created various projects to eradicate these issues. Globally we receive charitable donations from sponsors and patrons. With these generous donations, we are able to provide materials, technical support, information, legal aid, and humanitarian assistance to thousands of people. 


We are devoted to alleviating hardships associated with water deprivation by providing clean water systems. All of our wells are built at schools because schools serve as the center of the village. Each school child is responsible for taking home 3.5 liters of water every day with clean cans provided by The Village Heart.

  • Deep wells
  • Water cans 


In lesser-devloped communites, children have a strong desire to receive an education. Over-crowded classrooms, lack of learning resources such as books, paper, writing instruments, desks, and chairs, as well as under-qualified educators negatively impacts the quality of education.

  • Classroom renovation
  • Building classrooms
  • School supplies


Women in Tanzania have experience with small-scale farming and understand the land very well. We have formed womens groups in several communities. With farming resources and micro-financing lessons, we are guiding the womens groups in creating sustainable agricultural businesses.

  • Farming
  • Micro-financing


One hundred percent of the money raised goes directly to building deep solar wells and various other projects in the villages. We work closely with individual donors and overseas organizations. African Reflections Foundation has years of experience of building sustainable, community-owned water projects in Tanzania.  


Direct interaction with the communities we serve enables us to gain a better understanding of life in rural villages in Tanzania. These men, women, and children all have unique backgrounds and openly express to us their thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Because of their transparency, we are able to identify their major obstacles and provide resolutions to improve their livelihood. Each and every story touches us.


Before the new solar-powered well, Fatuma would travel 8km a day for water. Thanks to the well, she has gained more time to form and lead a Women’s Group which harvests ginger and turmeric. The women now have sustainable income and a prosperous future.


Athuman knew nothing about sanitation practices but he had always heard of “magical people” who knew how to help sick people. After gaining clean access to water and improved education, he is studying hard in school with the dream of becoming a doctor.


Amani dropped out of school at a young age in order to help provide for her family. She never imagined being able to go back to school until her village received a new well. With the construction of new classrooms, she sees anything is possible.

Our Future Plans

So what do we see in the future for the African Reflections Foundation? We want more schools, clinics, and villages to have better access to clean water wells.  We hope these wells will forever change and improve their lives and the lives of future generations.

We see children receiving better education now that we have helped provide clean water in their schools. Their study habits will improve and their focus will strengthen in school now that they have clean water. 

Women have started sustainable farming for their families and community. Access to clean water helps communities to grow food, and generate income thus improving quality of life. Clean water fights poverty.