The Village Heart coffee table book, as seen in the main photo, is a symbol of ARF’s continued desire to bring change in the rural communities – in the very heart of the village.

The book has a wonderful pictorial compilation of the ARF Founder’s charitable work in Tanzania over many years and was presented as a gift to Hon, Ms. Jokate Mwegelo, a District Commissioner of Kisarawe during their first meeting, a few months ago.

“I have been (always) kind to anyone who shows a great love to rural community, that’s why I am offering a copy of my book, to honor her efforts as mine” said Hon. Ms. Maryvonne Pool.

The Village Heart book provides a glimpse into the lives of communities in different rural villages of Tanzania and the impact of access to clean water.
Since ARF extended its work from the District of Mkuranga into Kisarawe in 2018, efforts have been done to materialize the pledges made by Hon. Ms.

Pool. So far extensive repair work has been done on two classrooms of Marui Mipera Primary School, as well as the building of a new classroom unit.
Working with Hon. Jokate has been very significant and synonymous with ARF’s prime focus areas including women empowerment, poverty reduction, and improving education.

Being a young female leader herself with an amazing following, Ms. Jokate has been instrumental in contributing to the ARF’s strides.
“ I really like what Jokate started, a motive that is helping the rural communities. That’s why we, (as ARF) are supporting her policy campaign called Tokomeza Zero” added Hon. Ms. Pool.

ARF has been active in supporting Hon. Jokate Mwegelo in her Tokomeza Zero campaign, an educational oriented campaign which seeks to improve grades in the schools of her constituency that started on the last quarter of 2018
Currently, drilling of a water well is underway at Kurui Primary School, located at Mzenga village, in Kisarawe.

Moreover, ARF appointed technicians to assess a site several meters from the school for digging a new deep water well. So far the drilling process has started the water well project is expected to be completed by the mid of this year.