Tanzania is the largest country in East Africa with a population of over 52 million. More than half the population in the country do not have access to clean drinking water. Over 46% of Tanzania’s population are youth under the age of 15. Because of water scarcity, women and children are forced to travel for hours in search of water and are usually left with no choice but to collect water from unclean water sources. Sometimes they travel for water as much as three times a day. They carry extremely heavy buckets of water on their heads, which can result in health issues or injury. Access to clean water has the power to transform communities and improve quality of life. 

Lack of access to clean fresh water is considered to be one of the major threats to human health.


Millions of women are at high-risk of infection and in many cases death due to the poor sanitation standards of clinics while giving birth. Many girls drop out of school at a young age because of the lack of sanitation during menstruation. In addition, millions of people in rural areas die due to water-borne diseases such as diarrhea, cholera, and malaria. All of these diseases can easily be avoided with easy access to clean water.  Our water wells have resulted in a drastic decrease in water-borne diseases.


Those who are able to attend school have such a passion for education that they trek several miles to receive an education. Once they reach school, they are forced to learn in over-crowded classrooms with 100-200 students to each classroom. With no electricity and running water, they sit 5-6 children per desk or on the floor in poorly- built dilapidated buildings. 



Children, particularly girls are forced to drop out of school because their time is devoted to providing water for their families. Women are unable to generate income to sustain a thriving household because their time is pent traveling daily for water. We have managed to significantly shorten the traveling distance to collect water and drastically ease the stress of villagers by building sustainable water wells.


Tanzania has some of the most fertile land in East Africa. Rain water is adequate for small-scale farming but additional water sources are necessary for large-scale farming. With clean water nearby, women are able to grow vegetables to feed their families and sell their produce to the community, thus generating income. 

Your $25 donation will provide unlimited access to clean water for 1 person

Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people can transform the world.

Our Approach

We work very closely with rural communities as well as the local governmemt officials to provide deep solar-powered wells and our various other projects to combat the water crisis. We believe it is very important to involve the local community in every step of the process so they understand the systems in place and feel a sense of ownership of the well.